Add receipt 1

Hand paper receipts to the assistant.

Handing paper receipts to the Gopher is as easy as snapping a photo.

The Gopher scans the receipt data and uses AI to extract relevant information such as amount and merchant. The user can edit the information before it is added to the correct expense report.

No stack of paper receipts to keep track of means fewer distractions, more focused employees.

Outlook Add-in receipt 1

Email receipts are handled within Outlook.

More and more receipts are received through email. ExenseGopher provides an add-in for Outlook that can turn any emailed receipts into an expense item.

All without leaving Outlook, all without loss of productivity.

Excel Online 1

Reviewing made easy

After all expense items are filled in , it’s time to review the report.

Reports open in the browser and can easily be edited using all the power of Excel Online.

Corresponding receipts can be opened in adjacent tabs and reviewed alongside expense items.

Simple and powerful reviewing means much fewer costly corrections.

Submit 1

Submit the report with one click.

Giving the Gopher the submit commands handles all the nitty-gritty of handing in an expense report for approval. Report submission can now be done from the office or when still on the road.

Also, the report status can be checked anytime.

Anytime, anywhere report submission adds to employee flexibility.

Approve 2

Managers quickly review and approve reports.

Rather than leafing through stacks of paper, managers use ExpenseGopher to quickly review and approve reports.

Reports open in Excel Online, thus comments can be inserted to clearly mark items that may need to be corrected. Corresponding receipts open in adjacent tabs.

How much is it worth to free up hours of a manager's time, currently spent approving expense reports ?