Corporate expense reporting reimagined.

For companies using Office 365, there is now a better way of processing expense reports. ExpenseGopher is an intelligent bot within Microsoft Teams that assists employees organize expense reporting. The result : a speedier and more accurate process with lots of built in flexibility.


Filling out expense reports can be a time-consuming and tedious task. We've built a bot assistant that helps employees with the nitty-gritty of storing receipts and filling out forms, thereby speeding completion and helping people get reports in on time.


Corrections make up about 20% of the costs associated with expense reports. Because ExpenseGopher scans receipts to extract relevant data, accuracy is improved and costs are reduced.


Each expense report is stored in Excel, so the look and feel as well as the functionality can be easily customized. Companies can use Office 365 development tools to extend the app with additional features as needed.

Benefits of using the ExpenseGopher assistant.

In a world of mobile phones and AI, the expense reporting process ought to change. But how?

Expense Gopher is designed to allow employees with mobile phones to easily hand receipts to the assistant immediately after the expenses are incurred. Then ExpenseGopher employs AI to make sense of the receipt content.

This way, lost receipts, management of receipts, transcription errors and the problem of trying to remember the minutiae of a receipt days or weeks later become non-issues.

Simply put, the organization of the expense report has been off-loaded to the assistant. This fundamental rethinking of the expense process is what really saves time and effort.



Next Steps...

Check the feature page to learn see screenshots and learn how ExpenseGopher works.